Helping Hands, Seek, Trade Me - What's the Diff?

September 07, 2017
  • Helping Hands, Seek, Trade Me - What's the Diff?
  • Helping Hands, Seek, Trade Me - What's the Diff?

This is a good question, one we get asked A LOT.

That’s because we’re new. It would be like when the first Cheetah was born and all the Panther’s were like  “what ARE you??” 

Being transparent here, I have no idea if Cheetahs or Panthers existed simultaneously or otherwise, but you get my point. Helping Hands is the new way of getting work and finding staff, so it’s normal for people to ask: what are you and how do you work? Let's get to the good bit: the answers!

What Is Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is a NZ owned and operated (Chur!) website that connects jobseekers with hospo employers. That doesn’t mean we can’t hook you up with sweet retail jobs, we do that too, but we currently have way more hospo jobs than any other type. 

How does Helping Hands work?

Here’s the cool bit - on our site you get headhunted. Create a profile, for free, once it's live (only takes a minute to fill in & you need your work history + a professional profile pic) employers can see your profile when they search for the jobs they're trying to fill. 

So, for example, if I was in Wellington and I wanted a Commis Chef and on your profile you had said you wanted to be approached for work as a Commis Chef (this requires proof of experience, but most other roles don't) then your profile would show up in my search.

If I liked you for the role I would send you a message.

Helping Hands text's and emails you about any messages you receive (and we're also moving to FB messenger, so you never miss out on an opportunity). If you're keen on the role then you say 'YES' this allows them access to your contact details and the two of you can go from there.

What's the difference between Helping Hands and Trade Me or Seek?

So, to recap, it's totally free but you only get approached for work if you match what an employer is looking for. 

Exactly the same premise for Seek or Trade Me, because you can only apply for jobs that need to be filled right? And you’re only going to be considered for roles that you can actually do or that your skills/personality suit. 

But, and here's the difference, Helping Hands spares you having to apply and ensures instead that you get headhunted. Because of this, by the time an employer contacts you, they already think you’re a good fit for the role - they already like the cut of your tartan - so you can feel confident about yourself moving into the interview/trial phase. 

Does this mean I might never hear from any employers ever?

It's possible. If you’re in an area looking for a job as a barista and there are no cafe’s needing a barista, then you won’t get any messages.

BUT it’s the same as if you looked on Seek for barista roles in your area…and there weren’t any. Would you call up Seek and be like “What the? what have you done with all the barista jobs?!” No, right? Because you’re not crazy, you're smart and you know that jobs exist when employers need staff. 

So set up a profile, for FREE, and see what happens. If there’s work and you’re the right person for it, that job will come to you. 

Lily Richards - Jobseeker Guru/Guide
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