The Culpeper are HIRING

June 08, 2017
  • The Culpeper are HIRING
  • The Culpeper are HIRING
The Low Down:
> You’d need 1-year experience minimum (preferably 2…)
> The position is FULL TIME / Mon-Sun
> Split shifts = no
> Double shifts = yes
> 2 days off in a row
> Staff food is provided daily (nom nom)
> Pay = above average for the industry (for the right jobseeker)
The Culpepper is all about good food, fun and friends. If you fancy this position please read the To Apply section and click on the application link at the bottom to submit your profile.

To Apply: All applications go through Helping Hands. If you’re already a Helping Hands jobseeker then click on the link, log in and your profile will automatically be delivered to The Culpepper for consideration. If you’re not already a Helping Hands jobseeker you will need to create a profile (takes less than a minute) which will then be delivered to The Culpepper to consider.
Click here to apply
If The Culpepper is interested in talking to you more about this role they will get in touch directly. If they aren’t then you’ll at least be in the right place for more job offers! Win/win!

Any questions please email Subject: Culpepper Waiter
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