January 13, 2017
CV’s are a waste of paper and they’re often so boring they make employers eyes water. At Helping Hands we’ve helped you out by ditching the ‘attach CV here’ option in place of providing you all the tools to create a modern online CV - otherwise known as your profile. Follow the tips below to enhance your profile & impress employers.

- Fill out all the information you can. The more an employer can learn from your profile the better, it means when they shortlist you it’s because they like the cut of your tartan.

- Choose a good profile picture. By good we don’t mean that group shot you have where you look incredible (we don’t know which one you are). Nor do we mean that badass shot someone took whilst you were on the town (your social life is private, keep it that way). We’re thinking clean, sophisticated, semi-close-up. A picture that says ‘If you hire me you will not be disappointed.’

- Do not be shy to promote your skills. If you have anything that can set you apart from other jobseekers, use it. Loud and proud. Not every skill has a degree or diploma attached. Maybe you’re amazing with a butane torch – producing the best Creme Brulee this side of the Bombay’s. Perhaps you have a knack for up-selling or customers just really like you or you can clean a fridge like no ones business. Nothing related is too small to mention. It could be the difference between you and someone else getting the job offer.

- Finally – don’t lose hope. Helping Hands works. We have jobseekers contacting us weekly letting us know that they got job offers from using the site. But also don’t forget that there’s no guarantees – you getting offered work is down to a set of circumstances we cannot control (is there work in your area? Are you the best candidate for the role? Can you work the hours they want? Do you have the right experience?). That said –stick with it – there’s no cost to using Helping Hands for the jobseeker, there’s no risk in keeping your profile live and up to date for when fortune strikes and the perfect job offer comes your way.

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