Perfect Summer Cocktail

December 01, 2015
  • Perfect Summer Cocktail
  • Perfect Summer Cocktail

Let's see - alcohol, ice-cream, Chocolate, salted caramel.. who can complain? not us!

Bedford and Soda is the eprfect spot for a date, while you're there, let this cocktail do all the work for you and make your hot date weak at the knees.

Introducing: Salted Caramel Malteser Shake

- Chuck in some Vanilla Ice-cream, Maltesers and milk in to the blender

- When blended well, stir in some Salted Caramel sauce

- FInally mix the shake with a 30ml shot of Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky.

We certainly have a winner for the perfect summer drink so head down to Bedford and Soda Liquor and grab one ASAP because it looks and sounds like heaven but tastes even better!

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